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May 18, 2021
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Product details

Monoethanolamine, also called 2-Aminoethanol, is a colorless, caustic and oily liquid. Monoethanolamin is commonly used in the chemical industry. Monoethanolamin can be mixed with water and alcohols and it is very flammable.

CAS-No. 141-43-5
EINECS-No. 205-483-3
Chemical formula: C2H7NO

Trade name: Monoethanolamine

Synonyms: Ethanolamine | 2-Aminoethan-1-ol | 2-Aminoethanol | 2-Amino-1-ethanol | Monoethanolamine | β-Aminoethanol | β-hydroxyethylamine | β-Aminoethyl alcohol | Glycinol | Olamine | MEA | Ethylolamine | 2-Hydroxyethylamine
Application of the substance / the preparation Basic raw material for the chemical industry