Epoxidised Soybean Oil (ESBO)

2-Ethylhexylacrylate (2-EHA)
May 18, 2021
Ethyl Acetate
May 18, 2021

Product details

Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESBO) ist used as plasticizer in PVC-compounds with stabilizing effects. It is produced by epoxidation of Soybean Oil. It is an alternative to Phthalate-based plasticizers and commonly used as a secondary plasticizer.

ESBO increases the capability of resistance of the PVC to atmospheric influences and is therefore used in food grade packaging. It is a stabilizer for the release of HCl, which is being evaporated during thermal treatment of PVC.
CAS-No. 8013-07-8
EINECS-No. 232-391-0

Synonyms: ESBO | ESO
Uses/applications: PVC-Compounds, PVC-Stabilizers, etc.