Benzoic Acid

Adipic Acid
May 18, 2021
Bisphenol A
May 18, 2021

Product details

Benzoic acid is an aromatical carbon acid and consists of phenyl and a carbon group, is being produced by oxidation of Toluene. Benzoic acid is used in the perfumery and for plasticizer, by affinity of benzene compounds.

CAS-No. 65-85-0
EINECS-No. 200-618-2
Chemical formula: C7H6O2

Synonym: Carboxybenzene | E210 | Dracylic acid | Phenylmethanoic acid
Uses/applications: Synthetic resins, PVC-stabilizers, Food-Preservative, Intermediate for chemical synthesis, Benzoates (plasticizers)